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                                   Energy Management


"Energy Management is something we at Modern Air Inc. focus on heavily in regards to all new and existing customers because we feel that "the numbers" speak volume. Seeing a reflection of savings with your utilities in addition to an improved level of indoor comfort, is a job well done in our book. After-all Heating and Cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in your home.



How can I save energy?


  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat

    • Control when your system runs. (Cool down or warm up your system while you are sleeping, or at work)

    • Choose how your system calls for stages of heating or cooling. Rather than it turning on and running at full speed from start to finish. 

    • Control what time of the day it runs on a 7 day program feature.

    • If using dual energy sources, you can control when each one kicks in and turns off.

    • Save 30% on your utility bills by being extremly efficient with a new programable thermostat.

  • Upgrade to a higher efficiency system. 

    • Lower amp draws then units that are 5 years or older due to advancments in technology. 

    • State of the art technology allows for the most effcient operation possible today. Regardless of energy source, there will be a very noticable savings in your utilities. The system will literally pay for itself before the warranty expires, they are that efficiet today.  (The system has to be properly installed with correct duct work design. Zero air leaks and proper insulation in unconditoned spaces are all critical in getting that level of efficiency they offer.)

  • Proper R value insulation in your attics, floors, and walls. 

    • Having proper insulataion in the correct areas of your house will provide you with the best possble protection from out door tempatures as well as keeping your in door tempature more consistent, ultimatally lessening the work load on your system. (If warm or cool air is penitrating your home it mixing with your indoor air which is a controlled climate. This will make your system work harder and run longer, therefore effecting over all efficiency of your unit and its life span. 

  • Insulate hot water pipes and lower your thermostat on your water heater. 

    • Insulating your water lines will save you money by keeping the water hot and not letting it escape through the bare pipes in your crawl space. Also, most water heaters have a thermostat that tells the water heater what tempature to keep the water at so it cycles on and off 24 hours a day to maintain that tempature. By lowering your water heater thermostat you can save a little energy also. 

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