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Why ecoLogic?

When asked to name the most desired improvement in their home comfort
systems, over half of all homeowners cite increased energy efficiency as number
one. And that number will only grow as heating and cooling costs grow as well.

According to the Department of Energy, all energy costs are on the rise.
Between 2007 and 2008, costs are expected to go up as much as 44 percent for
heating oil, 30 percent for propane, 9 percent for natural gas and 1.4 percent for

You can offset those increases by replacing your outdated, inefficient system
with an ecoLogic home comfort system. Consider this:

Going from a 10-SEER air conditioner to a 23-SEER ecoLogic unit can
save an average of 60 percent on cooling costs.

A new 95 AFUE ecoLogic furnace, on average, is 50 percent more efficient
than one installed 15 years ago.

New dual-fuel options exist where you can lower your natural gas bill, for
instance, by heating with electricity when temperatures are mild.

Heating and cooling technology can be confusing. That’s why ecoLogic makes it easy. With just a glance,
you can find the most energy-efficient products available.

Eergy efficiency is a direct link to product innovation – which means in addition to consuming less energy you’ll also be experiencing a more comfortable home with even temperatures, improved air flow and reduced noise levels.


How does a heating or cooling product earn the ecoLogic name? To qualify, our products
must meet the following criteria:

Rated as an Energy Star® product for efficiency.
Use non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, such as R-410A, in cooling products.
Produce low nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions in furnaces.
Include multi-stage, variable-speed compressors for optimal indoor comfort and efficiency.
Feature “smart” control boards or diagnostic controls for total indoor air quality.
Incorporate noise-reducing features.
Many of these features do more than reduce energy consumption. They also make your
indoor air temperature more uniform and comfortable, reduce noise levels in your home
and control humidity and indoor allergens. ecoLogic is true environmental innovation.

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